Welcome to my amateur radio site

I am a licensed ham radio operator since 1992, but was in the air first time in 1985 as a little kid. Back then, it was a small CB walkie talkie that I had a year or so and spoke with truckers. After that, I started to build antennas and stuff to improve the range (even if I didn't have a clued what I was doing! I was nine back then.). But after some time, I started to grab one and other thing and got on track with the hobby. Got new radios, new antennas and so on. My neighbors said that we lived in a space station of all antennas on the property. And yeah... I had a lot back then!

Of course, I got a lot help from new radio friends, (in time order) Tommy J. (1986), SM7ROB (end of 1990) and SM7HWF (around 1992 after I got my license). Without them, I would never have this hobby.

For many years, I was silent in the air be course I lived in the middle of the city with no antenna options. But today I live in a villa outside of the city.

Today my hobby is a lot within emergency communication. I am on SSB for the most of the time, but I am not a contest person. And yeah, I am on 2m/70cm as well and useing analog and C4FM.

Hope you like the site that I restarted in April 2018. Here is some old posts that I republicized, you see it on the date.

James - SM7UZY


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