ESSB with Kenwood TS-850S

June 2019

This is a ongoing article, it will be update time to time.

I have a Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V Field that I was thinking to make to a ESSB station. But I got my hands on a Kenwood TS-850S, a good start for ESSB that can do 7k transmit with a DSP-100.

As you may know, I am not a Kenwood fan, I don’t like the radios and the 850 is not an exception. But hey.. some of the Kenwoods give good voodoo sound, and the 850 is one of them.

First of... open the radio!

Yes... need to look at the capacitors on the logic and display board. They are always leaking and destroy the boards. If the logic board is destroyed, well... then you can throw the radio.

In my radio, some one have change the capacitor in it. I asked the owner that i bought the radio from, but hi didn't know. But they are pretty new, so I will not change them. I will not even resoled them, just because the board can break. About the repair that someone did is not the best, it was pretty bad. You can clearly see rest of the acid on the board, and that’s not good! Even on two ICs on six legs. That I need to fix!

After some work, the board is much better, not perfect.. but..
I resole a few of the capacitor there acid was under, resoled a few legs on the ICs and tada...
The radio was up and going again.

To be continued