MFJ-945E vs MFJ-945E, or make it even better!

June 2018

Well.. I thought I will never need to do a 945 vs 945 article... but! We need!

I had my MFJ-945E for some time know, and, as you may know from this site, I love it! Yes.. it is a MFJ and bla. bla... and I am not a fan about MFJ aswell, but this one is out of the range, and here is why:

:: It have a really good range.
You can trim whatever you hock on this one. The range is 1.8-60MHz, but you can go beyond that. No problem to do 6 or 4m on a Diamond BB-7V vertical (3-30MHz antenna).

:: Easy to trim
It is easy and you can trim the antenna fast. The better antenna you have, the faster. And you can do it fast!

:: Small and light
It is really small and light weight. You can bring this little machine everywhere.

It was so good that i bought another one! Well... here is the interesting part, it was not as good as mine! It did’t have the big range as mine and it was a little harder to trim.
I opened the tuners, and here is what I found. Can you tell which is the good one and witch is the bad one?

If you say that the right picture is the bad one, your wrong!

I checked the components etc. and the only thing that was different from the good one was the coils. And... this MFJ is so shity made.. I don’t understand.. But it works!

Here is a picture there I compare the difference.

Then I readjust the coil on the bad one... just pressed it together so it will match the good one.

Here is the big coil from the good one. As you can see, the coil is all of the place.
And the small one on the ferrite.. it’s so poor made I have never ever seen a bad work like this. The new one is much better twisted. But that is shity as well..
But I don’t even touch the good one, because it works really good!

But the new one was "nice” twisted... So I screwed it up!! Tried to match the good one..

An YES!!!! The bad (new) MFJ become much better, better range and easier to trim. Very close to my other one. And I am sure, if I would adjust the coils more, i should match exactly, but I am so close so I am happy with it.

So I beat the s... of this one, and know it works even better!

If you have this tuner, open it and check the coil.