MFJ-945E vs MFJ-971

June 2018

Well yeah.. a MFJ test.. is it worth it?
I am not a MFJ fan, sorry! They do some good equipment, like the antenna analyzers and one? antenna tuner, the MFJ 945E.

The MFJ-945E

Well.. this tuner is excellent! And you probably don’t believe me if you haven't tried one. So before you judge this tuner, test it! It’s so good that i have two of them. But read this before.

So the good thing:
:: Easy and fast to tune
:: Smooth controls with no to minimal affects of fingers
:: 160 - 4M range with no problem
:: Pretty small and low weight

The bad thing:
:: Rated to 300W, I would not do that!

This tuner is one of the best tuner I have used and own. I have better one at home (example; the VCI HTF-1500), but the 945E is just grate! Much faster to tune compare to all other tuner I have, huge range there no other tuner come near etc.

Do you need a tuner, test this one! But read this before.

The MFJ-971

This one.. why do I have this one? I don’t know!
It is hard to tune, don’t tune 160M, affects (with you fingers) a loot when you tune it.. This tuner is a bad tuner, and I don’t really know why I have it?

It is smaller than 945E and it have a 4:1 balun inside.

So the good thing:
:: Smaller than the 945E and low weight
:: Build in 4:1 balun.. errr... not the best one!

The bad thing:
:: Hard to tune, small nobs
:: The nobs is not smooth (on mine)
:: A loot affects from you fingers when you tune it
:: No 160M and no 6M on this one (if you don’t have a tuned 160M to it)
:: Rated to 300W, I would not do that!

If you see this tuner and thinking about it... don’t buy it!
Yes... it works, but there is much better tuners, like the 945E after the fix!