My thoughts of Siro SD-1300N antenna

July 2019

I wanted a wide band antenna for both transmit and receive, so I went for a Siro SD-1300N. It’s have a RX bandwidth from 25MHz to 1.3GHz and you can TX on 6m, 2m 70cm and 23 cm (and some other ham bands).

Overall, I would expect more of this one compare to the price.

Size, look and stealth

It’s not to big and not to short ether. It’s about 1.6m long and 0.8m wide with a weight of 1150g, so you can place this one more or less everywhere. But it’s not a stealth antenna, you gonna se it. So if you are looking for a small wideband antenna in a “no antenna area” to hide, this is not the antenna for you. But if you can put up a small antenna, well, this may be a chose.

You need a short cable!

I have this antenna quiet far away from my shack and have around 22m (72ft) cable on it. It’s not the best cable, but not the worst ether, I use RG-214U. But, on UHF and above it’s bad (more or less unless)! I knew that I gonna drop some signals in the cable, but that much? Why.. well, you don’t have so much gain in this one compare to a bigger 2/70 antenna. And you will notes that directly!

So if you gonna have this antenna as you main antenna, have a short cable or a really nice and expensive cable. It’s not worth it otherwise.

Can you put up this antenna on a nice hight, that will be a plus. If you live in a one / two floor house... you can’t expect too much.

I have around 25m cable (214U) to a Dimond 510N, and it’s like night and day in both transmit and receive. Yes, the 510N is a bigger, better gain, other use case etc. antenna, but it a really big difference side by side, and that’s important you say if you are looking to buy this antenna as your main antenna.

The reason why I bought this one was to have it on a 70cm repeater 3km away... but it’s to much noise compare to a small 70cm dipole on the roof (with a really bad cable, 25m RG58!)

SWR and loss

6m... well.. it’s tuned on 53.5 MHz and have a really bad SWR on 6m ham band. So that’s a no go. 2m, it’s good, 70cm as well and even 23cm.

That was with a short cable and with an antenna analyzer.

In the real world scenario. This is with my 22m RG214U cable.
6m no go.
2m it’s ok.
70m to much noice in my opinion.
23cm no no no...

This is at my location and my setup.

Build quality

Over all, it’s good, but it’s have its week points. And they at critical, it’s not waterproof.
I would never put up this antenna as is, it’s to bad. And it’s not cheap antenna ether! I would expect more of this.

As you can see from the pictures there is to many ways for the water to come in.

So, if you gonna put up this antenna outside... then you need to put a lot of vulcanising tape on this one.

Final words

There is better options, especially if you can put up more than one antenna.

If you you live in a 30 floor house with a good 10m cable on it, well.. you gonna have much better experience than me.