Program the Yaesu FT-2DE from/to SD card

Mars 2019

You have a few choices to program you Yaesu FT2 radio. One is to buy the program cable (not the cable that come with the radio), but that cable cost a lot! The second alternative is to program your radio manually. This option is good if you don’t have so many channels to program, but if you do, then the third option is the way to go. And here is that.

First of, take a mini SD card and format it in you computer in FAT32.
P.S. You can’t use a fast class 10 card in the radio, use a class 4 card.

After you have formatted the card, do the same procedure in the radio. Turn of the radio and insert the card into the radio with the contacts up and the text downside. Start the radio.

Hold DISP button for one second to get into the settings and select SD CARD. Go to FORMAT, and then select OK.

Now, go to BACKUP and then click on Write to SD. After that, shut down the radio and take the SD card to your computer.

Go to Yaesus website and download the latest ADMS-8 program and install it if you have not already done so. Here is the link.

Start the program and go to the Communication menu, there, select Get Data from SD card. Now, you will get a more or less empty channel file list. Here, insert the channels you want, and after you are done, save the file with the “disk” (or File->Save As). But this only save the file on your computer, not to the SD card. To do so, go to Communication menu and click on Send Data to SD card. Safely, take out the SD card and insert in the radio again.

Go back to the settings menu on the radio with the DISP button and go to SD CARD, and then BACKUP. Now, click on Read from SD and then OK. The radio will reset and then you have all the channels you programed. Enjoy..