Replacing the loud fan in AnyTone D587UV

March 2021

If you have a AnyTone D587UV you probably think you fan is to loud! It’s.. and it’s annoying. So we will change that to a extremely quiet fan, a Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX Premium 40mm.

We are lucky as it very simple to change it. Just open you radio and you see the fan connector om a small board. Unplug it and unscrew the fan.

Put in your Noctua fan and here you have to choose of solder the cables or cut the connector of your old fan and solder the new fan on it. I choose to solder the fan directly to the radio. As you se, (-) is to the left and (+) is to the right. Yellow cable is the rpm signal witch is not in use, so I just taped it on to the other cables.

That’s it! Enjoy you extremely quiet radio.