The Go Bag 1

June 2018

TGB1, or The Go Bag 1 (version 4) is the first bag I grab if I will run HF in the field. So wats in it? Everything is packed with care. Many may laugh, but my equipment is like new! And I like that.

This is what’s inside (for the most time).

The radio stuff:
:: Yeasu FT-817ND
:: MX-P50M (50W) amplifier
:: MFJ-945E tuner
:: Small HP i7 16GB ram computer
:: Signalink USB
:: 12v 7.2Ah battery
:: Power cable and a small fan to cool down the radio in worm days

Antenna stuff:
:: Home made 9:1 balun
:: Home made log wire end fed (21 meter antenna and 10.5 meter counterpoise)
:: Home made 20/40M dipole with 1:1 ferrite choke (running as a inverted-V)
:: 1:1 big ferrite choke
:: Yaesu FT-817 6M/2M/70cm antenna
:: Antenna cable
:: Material to attached the antennas

Other stuff:
:: Knifes and tools
:: Lighter
:: Plastic gloves
:: etc.

That’s what I normally have in my Go Bag 1. In number 2, there is an Yaesu FT-897D. I will do a “inside that bag” later.

I started to build my Go Bags in 2017.
Here is version 1. The idea was to have everything in the bag, connected and ready. Well.. that didn't work so very well...

Here is version 2. Same idea, I did’t get it! Don’t put everything in the bag!

And version 3. Know i started with the version I have today, and not running “in the bag”.