Yaesu FT-817ND mod; TX, PA trigger and power

May 2017

I use my Yaesu FT-817 a loot outside. First, I did’t like the power connector, sometime I would break it! People made secure plastic brackets that you put on the radio, but I did’t like that. So I decide to make a new cable to the radio with a fast pola connector.

That was a little harder than I expected. Yea.. you just solder som wire to the connector.... nooo!!! You don’t find any (12v) pins on the connector that you can solder! That is under the connector an really hard to get. After looking at the board diagram, the easiest way was to put the 12 volt in on the D1085 directly. That’s the orange cable in the picture. The withe cable is the ground cable, with you can solder on the connector.

You may wonder if the back solder pin (after the ground pin) is't the 12 v pin on the power connector? No is not! Its some GND to the T1035 coin to the GND on the radio.

If you need the service manual for the FT-817, you can download it here.

And the PA.. You connect this to the ACC port there you have a PPT trigger, but i did’t like that. Fist off, I don’t like that connector in and out every time. Second, I some time use that port, and then I can’t use the PA. So, a new cable to the PA was necessary.

Easy fix!
Find the PTT pin on the backside of the board there you have the ACC connector with a multimeter (it's pin 2 on the connector). Then just solder a wire to that pin and drag the wire out from the radio. You need a ground wire as well to the PA, so just find a ground that you like (they are all over the board, or you can take pin 3 on the ACC connector with is GND) and then you have you PA PTT trigger. I put a RCA connector on mine (without the “house” to make it smaller).

An yea.. know when the radio was totally open, why not TX mod it?

You find the “pins” in the back of the front panel.
The left picture is the original OXOXXOOOO (or the top picture on a mobile) and the right picture is the mod done XXXXOOOOO.
Take your time to do the mod!

After doing this and your radio is put together, press and hold the “F” and “V/M” buttons and then press “power on” to reset the FT-817. After that your mod will be activate.

Here is who the radio look like today. Yes.. I have change the power cable. The first one was to stiff, I did’t like that..