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Radio stuff

Icom IC-9700


Yaesu FT-991 as a 2M station?

Will it keep up?

Extend TX on a Yaesu FT-3 och FT-2

Get extended TX range of 140-174 and 420-470 MHz on your FT-3 or FT-2

Program the Yaesu FT-2DE from/to SD card

Here is a fast and easy method to program yore Yaesu FT2 radio without the expensive cable.

What’s happening in the summer?

Projects: New HF antennas, NOAA, ADB-S, Restoring HW-101

ESSB with Kenwood TS-850S

A ongoing project about my building an ESSB station

ADB-S receiver

Building a small ADB-S receiver

Hunting the interference!

Can we have a noiseless HF band?

The Go Bag 1

The first bag I grab if I will run HF in the field

Antennas, home building and tests

The end fed long wire project

Is a long wire antenna good? Here is my experience and why I chose this antenna!

My thoughts of Siro SD-1300N antenna

Overall, I would expect more of this one... but...

Difona HF-P1 antenna

Is the Difona HF-P1 antenna something for you?

The city stealth antenna project

2m, 70cm and HF!

Kid’s antenna

Another attempt to build a short antenna inside.


QRP field radio, Yaesu FT-817 vs mcHF RS918

Eenie Meenie Moe

The fight, FT817 or FT857 or FT897 or FT891 or FT450 or RS-918?

Which is actually the best buy?

My thoughts of the MX-P50M HF amplifier

Worth it? :/

MFJ-945E vs MFJ-971

Which should you buy?

MFJ-945E vs MFJ-945E, or make it even better!

Is there any difference between them?

Building and DIY

Replacing the loud fan in the Yaesu FT-991

Much quieter and better airflow

RReplacing the loud fan in AnyTone D587UV

Too quiet?

Tired of the noisy speaker?

Finally it's quiet!

Concepts 2 315 fan mod and cable change

Better cable and colder

Yaesu FT-817ND mod; TX, PA trigger and power

Making some mods to your FT-817

Yaesu FTM-400, external microphone

Making a mixer/microphone input to your Yeasu FTM-400DE

ATU button on a IC-730?

Can I have a tuner button on a 35 years old IC-730?

Restoration of the Heathkit HW-101

Changing all the capacitor in the radio and in the power supply