Kid’s antenna

March 2017 - Updated Mars 2019

OK! I admit.. this on pretty bad.

Tried to build a new indoor antenna. Some hams out there have build this ”toy antenna”, so I thought I’d give it a chance. But man.. this one was not good at all. Ok, i used it inside, but.. no..

Look cool, that’s the best part.

But don´t waste you time on this one, if you are indoor.

Updated Mars 2019

I’ve thinked to do a new test of this antenna for a wile now on my new location, so time for a test.

Well.. I have to stick to what I sad before. This antenna is not good. The antenna worked better now, less noice, but still not worth it. The Difona MP1 is he better inside antenna still.

No condition at all on 40m, but to my surprise... the kid’s antenna picked up the signals.