My thoughts of the MX-P50M HF amplifier

May 2017

It give our 817 a really good boost in the air compare with the normally 5w QRP, and you will, in the most cases, have no problem to make contacts. This amplifier puts out 52 watts with 5 watt input from a 12 volts battery.

Here is my measurements:
5w -> 52w
2.5w -> 47w
1w -> 30w
0.5w -> 10w

Driving everything from a 12volt 7.2Ah battery.
The amplifier gives a clean output signal, even if I haven’t made any measurements about that, but what people say in the other end, is that my signal is loud and clean. And I have received my own signal, and yes.. it’s clean.

As I mention before, it’s very light wight. About 550 grams (1.2 lbs), and small 155x100x35 mm. It’s very easy to set it up, connect the antenna and the radio, and then connect the TX-trigger from the ACC connector back on you radio.

Sometimes you need to solder your own ACC connection / cable (it’s come with the amplifier), but not assembled. So connect the black wire to GND of the ACC connector and the red wire to TX GND, that’s it!

To use the amplifier is very easy. Just select the band you are at and press PTT. Thats it! If you want to save a small amount of the battery, you can shut it of (power switch) when you don’t transmit or if you don’t want to use the amplifier. It’s bypass, so you don’t need to disconnect it.

So..   is this a amplifier I can recommend? Yes!
It’s cheap and good. The only downside is that you need another box with you (compare to a 100w station). But in the other way, this setup is more light wight and take much less current (both in TX and RX).