What’s happening in the summer?

May 2019

This is the pland project that I will working on in the summer. Every project will have there own page later on when I start with them.

New HF antennas

Parts is coming the yhe new HF antenna build. Planing for two folded dipoles, one on 80m and the other on 40m. One fan-dipole, I don’t witch bands jet, but probably 80,40,20 and 10.


Starting with ESSB?
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I played around with NOAA for a few years ago, this time I will build a full setup. Got the new antenna and played around with it.


It was two year since I had my ADB-S setup online. That was pretty bad.. This time I plan for a better setup.
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Restoring HW-101

Part’s is rolling in. Restoring of the HW-101 is ongoing. Replacing the caps etc.

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