Testing a ladderline antenna

April 2018

This is the sixth antenna model i try at the new QTH, and so far, nothing beat the long wire antenna.

But, many speak good about this ladderline antenna, so I will give it a try. Order some parts to the antenna and some other parts that I need later. Put it together pretty fast and went out in the garden. You may say that the place of the antenna is bad and wrong. Yes.. but every antenna I test here is on the same bad spot. So it’s equal.

The test will be between the ladderline antenna, an 40m inv-v dipole (one of my field antenna) and the long wire.

Nooo.. this antenna was not good.
All other antenna won over this. The inverted v was a little better, but the long wire put this antenna away. Nothing beat this antenna on this QTH.

So I decided today that I will go with a long wire. A new one that I will build on the same spot.