New 2M station, the Yaesu FT-991

June 2018

I just bought a Yaesu 991 as it should replace my IC-746 as my main 2M rig. And, I really like the 991, but It’s not perfect. The 746 has better filter (my 746 is full of them) that you can use on all modes and bands, 991, you can’t! And when you can (only on SSB and some on CW) you have to play with the menu. Yes.. I knew that before I bought the 991, but it’s more annoying than I thought. But most annoying is that you can’t use any filter in FM!

The fan... omg! It’s loud! Yeah... it is!
The same day I got my 991, I order some new fans, and the rig is much quieter now. You can read this post about the change here.

But, I really like this little thing. Good sound, easy to use, C4FM etc. It will replace my 746, but not completely. I was thinking to sell it, but no. It’s to good station!

It only has 50W on 2M and 70cm, but with the amplifier, the little thing can have 170W on all bands on 2M.

I haven't test it on HF a loot, so I can’t say anything about that. But as a 2M rig, it’s nice! If you like Yaesu, I can recommend this radio. BUT! And here is a BIG BUT! The finals in these radios (non A model) broke down often then they had wrong bios set from the factory. If you are looking for an non A model, check after a late model 2016-> or if the finals is changed and repaired. Then is all good!